Site Updates

Fixed error 500 when creating an account; and upgrading captcha version.


Improved page server rendering.


Cipher Compendium 1st anniversary! Thanks for your support!


Textless Art have been added.


Added a Gallery tab for Booster Series and Starter Decks with more images of content and promotional items offered at the time of release.


14 Textless Art have been added.


Improved loading times for all pages.

Card List

Fixed Card List sort filter issues with Name, Rarity and Artist for Table view.


Revamped Artists page; added Textless art and Marker cards for each artist.


Photos of Starter Decks have been added.


Added Calendar markers.


You can now browse Starter Deck booklets; go to a Starter Deck page and click on "View booklet".


A gallery has been added for Starter Decks (paper playmats, cardboards and inserts).


Added 11 Checklists for Booster Series: B10, B13, B14, B15, B16, B19, B20 and B21.


Individual hero page has been revamped to include a new detailed card view.


Number of copies and exclusive cards for Starter Decks have been listed.


Added Starter Decks, PBK/PBM and Dynamite Cipher markers.


All promotional sleeves can now be viewed on a single page.


Comiket 89 Players Box markers have been added.


Several Textless Art have been added.


Portraits have been added and fixed, and a counter has been added for all heroes appearing in the background 


Added Card Showcase for cards featured on @FEcipher Twitter.


Details on how the promotional cards were distributed have been added.


Shortcut links to Starter Decks have been added for their respective series.


Want to see all the Matching Art? Check them out!


Almost all Checklists and their alternatives have been added.


Artworks content is more detailed.


Missing hero portraits have been added.


Playmats are now indexed.


Too many cards to browse? Pick a random card!


You can now browse Markers cards in High Definition.


All Textless Art can now be viewed in one place.

Acrylics and Deck Builder update
29 May 2024 By Zemnoes

In addition to the Domiteriors added last month, the Acrylics page lists all Fire Emblem Cipher acrylic goods in the form of keyrings, magnets, panels and large panels.

Deck Builder and Decks update

Thanks to your feedback on the Deck Builder, some points have been improved and bugs fixed:

  • [Deck Builder] Search for all hero cards: add a # at the start of the query (e.g. #claude, #corrin (f)).
  • [Deck Builder] Reorder cards in a deck in progress or already published; drag and drop to move a card.
  • [Deck Builder] Added a presentation page for logged-out users.
  • [Deck Builder] Fixed a bug when adding cards with similar titles but different unit names (e.g. B20-002HN and B20-004HN).
  • [Deck Builder] Fixed a bug when adding cards that can have more than 4 copies and share a similar title and name (e.g. Risen cards).

Decks have also been improved for better ease of use:

  • [Decks/Decklists] Test Hand: Draw a hand of 6 cards, deal another hand or draw more cards.
  • [User/Decks] Deck visibility mode can be changed; however, a public deck cannot be changed to Unlisted or Private.
  • [User/Decks] Deck list: added an icon when your decks are Unlisted or Private.
  • [Decks] Updated decks are bumped up the list.
  • [Decks] Fixed a fatal error when viewing a deck or draft with no Class Change.
Other improvements
  • [Textless Art] Added a shortcut button to the card and hero.
  • [User] Default avatar meeple color is now randomly generated.
  • [Decks/Decklists] Reworked layout for Table view.
  • [Card List] Reworked layout for Table and Details view.
  • [Global] Various graphic adjustments and minor bug fixes.
Thanks for your support

Thank you for all the feedback I've received to improve Cipher Compendium. If you find any mistakes or have any suggestions for improvement, please feel free to contact me on Discord, X (@CipherCmpendium) or by email (

Cipher Compendium 1st anniversary
26 April 2024 By Zemnoes
First anniversary

This month marks the first anniversary of Cipher Compendium! Since its creation, there have been a lot of changes, from design and content to features such as the card collection tracker or the deck builder to share decks with other players. I'll continue to add content to make it as complete and feature-rich as possible. Thanks to all those who share and spread the word about Cipher Compendium, and a big thank you to those who have supported or continue to support this project on Patreon.


All Domiteriors have been added. With 64 different designs, these are collectable transparent acrylic items shaped like dominoes with a printing on the front and back. You can view them in the Extra/Goods menu.

New collections and Collection updates

We've redesigned the Collection interface, plus you can now add markers and goods to your collection. See the full list of changes below.

  • [Collection] Markers, Sleeves, Playmats and Domiteriors collections have been added.
  • [Collection] The “Quick Add” button now adds ST/ST+ and PR.
  • [Collection] Added a button to wishlist cards from the Wishlist page.
  • [Collection] Added an icon to remove a favorite card from the Favorites page.
  • [Collection] Snapshot updated with an image preview, a download and copy button.
  • [Collection] Redesigned user profile interface.
  • [Collection] ​​​​​​​Redesigned interface for Cards, Wishlist and Duplicates collection pages.
Other improvements
  • [User/Options] Added an avatar cropper with image preview; webp files now allowed and size limit increased to 2 MB.
  • [User/Options] Added an ornament around the avatar: show off your favorite games.
  • [Booster Simulator] Added a golden glow effect around the card when you pull an R+, R+X, SR+ or HR card.
  • [Series] Reworked layout.
  • [Goods] Added presentation photos.
Follow us on social media

If you'd like to stay up-to-date with important updates on Cipher Compendium, you can follow @CipherCmpendium. You can also contact me there if you have any suggestions or if there are any errors on the website.

Over the past few days, many of you have opened boosters via the Booster Simulator, and I'd like to thank you all. If you have any ideas for future improvements, please let me know.

Snapshot and Decks update
27 March 2024 By Zemnoes

The card page has been completely redesigned, and now features a section for Decks and a QR Code generator.

Snapshot now displays a preview of the image before downloading, as well as a button to copy the image. This feature has been added to decks/decklists and cards; for the latter, the snapshot generated contains all card data.

  • [Decks] You can now filter, sort and search decks by character or card reference.
  • [Decks] Added a button to export deck in text format.
  • [Decks] Added a QR Code generator linking to the deck.
  • [Decks] The card preview panel now remembers whether it is open or closed (for widescreen only).
  • [Decks] The number of decks displayed is now 36 instead of 20.
  • [Deck Builder] Added a progress bar up to 50.
  • [Heroes] Added a panel with decks that include the hero.
  • [User profile] You can add your bio and social networks (X, Youtube, Twitch and Discord).
  • [Booster Simulator] Improved pulls and added a booster pack counter. Many thanks for the thousands of boosters opened!

The first HD card scans will be uploaded in the next few days, and the next update will focus on Collection tracker.

Thanks for your support!

Some photos and scans are currently missing and I'll need the help of the community, in order to have the most exhaustive database on Fire Emblem Cipher. I'll post the missing items on a dedicated page soon, so if you're interested in helping me out, don't hesitate to contact me (in English or French).

You can also support us on Patreon if you like Cipher Compendium, it will help us create tools around the Fire Emblem Cipher TCG, improve existing features, help pay hosting costs and keep the website ad-free. Even the smallest donation is welcome. Thanks.

Decks and online Deck Builder
27 February 2024 By Zemnoes
Decks & Deck Builder

You can now build decks with our online Fire Emblem Cipher Deck Builder!

  • Check the latest decks added from the homepage and the Decks page.
  • Easily browse all your decks from your profile.
  • View full deck statistics and revisions for each of your decks.
  • Select whether you want to make your deck visible to everyone, or keep it private.
  • Share your deck with a link or snapshot in a single button click.
  • And it's free to use - all you need to do is sign up if you want to use the Deck Builder.

The decks page is currently quite simple, but soon you'll be able to view, sort and filter decks. If you notice any issues and difficulties, please let me know by e-mail or discord.

Improvements & fixes

A dark mode has been added, which you can set from your profile. If you have dark mode enabled on your PC or smartphone, the switch is applied automatically.

  • [Collection/Decks] The snapshot button has been improved and now generates an image in a predefined size.
  • [Starter Decks] Added a shortcut to the matching decks.
  • [Starter Decks] Booklets from the "View Booklet" button are now displayed properly.
What’s coming next?

Improvements are planned for Card collection tracker, Decks and Deck builder to make the use of these tools as intuitive and feature-rich as possible. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Over the coming weeks and months, all card scans will be added, more Fire Emblem Cipher goods will be referenced and new content added to existing pages.

Want to help?

Some photos and scans are missing and I'll need the help of the community in order to have the most exhaustive database on Fire Emblem Cipher. I'll post the missing items on a dedicated page, so if you're interested in helping me out, don't hesitate to contact me (in English or French).

You can also support us on Patreon if you like Cipher Compendium, it will help us create tools around the Fire Emblem Cipher TCG, improve card collection tracker and decks, help pay hosting costs and keep the website ad-free. Even the smallest donation is welcome. Thanks.

Collection improvements and Decklists
08 December 2023 By Zemnoes

A Decklists page has been added with over a hundred decks to browse immediately, allowing you to look at the suggested decks included in booster packs (from B09 and upwards). Each deck page will display the breakdown for each weapon or emblem used, as well as statistics in chart form. This sets the bases of an upcoming tool.

Collection improvements

Collection has also received significant improvements both in terms of browsing and performance.

  • [Collection] Added a "Quick Add" button to quickly add cards to your collection.
  • [Wishlist/Duplicates] Added quantity management feature.
  • [Wishlist/Duplicates] Added a new Table view.
  • [Wishlist/Duplicates/Favorites] Show 48 cards instead of 24 in Images view.
  • [Collection] Remembers the last series viewed.
  • [Collection] Added a "Share" button (only if your profile is not private).
  • [Collection] Improved mobile browsing.
  • [Collection] Improved loading times.

Fixed cards issues for the following characters: Deen, Linde and Barthe.

Want to help?

If you like Cipher Compendium and want to support me, I've set up a Patreon page. Even the smallest donation is welcome. I am still working on indexing and adding more content, not to mention that other cool tools are under development too.

I'm always interested in suggestions and help, please get in touch with me at: Thank you!

English card translation and Booster simulator
07 October 2023 By Zemnoes
English card translation

All boosters, starters and promotional cards have been translated into English. Thus, English is now the default language when displaying cards, but the Japanese language can still be choosed in your profile settings. Other card translations can be easily added if you feel up to it, so please let me know if you'd like to add your language.

I've also corrected some mistakes in Japanese card transcriptions.

Booster simulator

A booster opening simulator has been added under the Tools category. This simulator allows you to open a fictitious booster pack or complete box. Try it out now, it's free! Other tools are still under development and will be added shortly.

If you have any suggestions, information to share or you notice an error/bug, please get in touch with me at: Thank you!

TCG Collection tracker
10 August 2023 By Zemnoes

You can track your Fire Emblem Cipher card collection!

By signing up, you'll be able to manage your card collection (which includes all 22 Booster/Promotional series and 12 Starter Decks), set up a wish list for the cards you're looking for, like your favorite cards, share your collection with anyone and manage your duplicates to make it easier to trade with other players/collectors. And it's free to use!

Enhancements to existing functions:

  • The home page search engine now allows you to search for artists and heroes.
  • The Card List filter toolbar has been fixed.

Page overhauls:

  • Series and Cards have been completely redesigned to improve browsability. 

We are working on indexing and adding more content, not to mention that other cool tools are under development too.

If you have any suggestions, information to share or you notice an error/bug, please get in touch with me at: Thank you!

Introducing Cipher Compendium
16 April 2023 By Zemnoes

Welcome to Cipher Compendium!

This website is intended to provide to all players and/or collectors of the Fire Emblem Cipher Trading Card Game a place to quickly find cards or data from any browser device.

You can view, search and filter all Japanese cards via the Card List or in their Booster Series, Starter Decks or Promotional sections. You can also easily find artists, your favorite heroes, magazines, artbooks or sleeves.

This is the first step as more content is in the works, like marker cards, playmats, English translation, a complete listing of the illustrations found in artworks books, HD quality card scans, useful tools, and much more! In the coming weeks, Cipher Compendium will also allow users to manage their card collection.

If you have any suggestions, information to share or you notice an error, please get in touch with me at: Have a nice visit.