Acrylic Keyrings
Promotional Campaign

This set of acrylic keyrings is part of a promotional campaign to mark the release of Series 22. Measuring 50 x 50 mm, they were packed in a blind bag, and one was offered with the purchase of a booster box from Series 1 to 22.

Acrylic Magnets
Event Cipher Festival 2019

The acrylic magnets measure 41 x 41 x 5 mm and, as the name suggests, have a magnet on the back. They were sold blind-bagged from a selection of 15 designs.

Acrylic Panels
Online Shop

In A5 format (148 x 210 mm) and 8 mm thick, these panels were sold at the Online store ( for 4,180 yen each in a black box featuring the Fire Emblem Cipher logo covered with a gold foil and come with a pedestal to display the panel.  The illustration is printed on the background and the Fire Emblem Cipher logo on the front.

Pre-orders began on 23rd November 2020, and items were shipped from January 2021.

Acrylic Large Panels
Events / Festival

These extra-large acrylic panels are A3 format (approx. 400 x 280 mm) and were sold at events for 10,000 yen in a cardboard package.

  • B13-051SR – Marth, Hero Chosen by the Exalted Blade: Cipher Festival 2019
  • B17-001SR / B17-018SR – The Advance of All Heroes: Comiket 97