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Fixed pagination bug on the user's favorite cards page.


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Improved page server rendering.

Cipher Frontier, badges and Lackey deck import/export
28 June 2024 Zemnoes
Cipher Frontier

Cipher Frontier was a series of posts on the official website featuring the original Cipher characters. Follow Emma, Shade and their friends covering major events and upcoming series, as well as providing tips for beginners and deck building.

The English translation was done by Beecil, whom I thank for their help and permission to share.

Pin Badges

Added the complete list of badges. These round badges, made of metal with a pin on the back, were sold at Cipher events, obtained as part of a promotional campaign or distributed as a reward.

Import and Export Lackey decks

Import and share your Lackey decks in seconds with our Deck Builder. And you can also export your decks to LackeyCCG in .dek or .txt format.

Having trouble? Please leave me a message. Despite all our testing, a few cards may still not be recognized correctly.

Decks updates
  • [Decks] Bookmark your decks to find them quickly. Your bookmarked decks will appear in the first result of your profile's decks page.
  • [Deck Builder] A rich text editor has been added for the deck description.
  • [Deck Builder] The number of characters for the deck description has been increased from 1500 to 3000.
  • [Decks/Decklists] Test Hand: Fixed a duplication bug when MC card had one copy.
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