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Track your Fire Emblem Cipher card collection and view your progress for each series.
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  • Bonus: keep track of your marker cards and collection goods!
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Build your decks with detailed statistics using our online deck builder and share them with the community.
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Comprehensive Cipher Resource
Explore all Fire Emblem Cipher cards and everything related to the TCG.
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  • Browse cards of your favorite artists or heroes and enjoy gorgeous artworks with matching and textless art.
  • Have a look at all Fire Emblem Cipher-related goods, including the most unusual for a card game.
Latest updates

Fixed error 500 when creating an account; and upgrading captcha version.


Improved page server rendering.


Cipher Compendium 1st anniversary! Thanks for your support!

Acrylics and Deck Builder update
29 May 2024 By Zemnoes

In addition to the Domiteriors added last month, the Acrylics page lists all Fire Emblem Cipher acrylic goods in the form of keyrings, magnets, panels and large panels.

Deck Builder and Decks update

Thanks to your feedback on the Deck Builder, some points have been improved and bugs fixed:

  • [Deck Builder] Search for all hero cards: add a # at the start of the query (e.g. #claude, #corrin (f)).
  • [Deck Builder] Reorder cards in a deck in progress or already published; drag and drop to move a card.
  • [Deck Builder] Added a presentation page for logged-out users.
  • [Deck Builder] Fixed a bug when adding cards with similar titles but different unit names (e.g. B20-002HN and B20-004HN).
  • [Deck Builder] Fixed a bug when adding cards that can have more than 4 copies and share a similar title and name (e.g. Risen cards).

Decks have also been improved for better ease of use:

  • [Decks/Decklists] Test Hand: Draw a hand of 6 cards, deal another hand or draw more cards.
  • [User/Decks] Deck visibility mode can be changed; however, a public deck cannot be changed to Unlisted or Private.
  • [User/Decks] Deck list: added an icon when your decks are Unlisted or Private.
  • [Decks] Updated decks are bumped up the list.
  • [Decks] Fixed a fatal error when viewing a deck or draft with no Class Change.
Other improvements
  • [Textless Art] Added a shortcut button to the card and hero.
  • [User] Default avatar meeple color is now randomly generated.
  • [Decks/Decklists] Reworked layout for Table view.
  • [Card List] Reworked layout for Table and Details view.
  • [Global] Various graphic adjustments and minor bug fixes.
Thanks for your support

Thank you for all the feedback I've received to improve Cipher Compendium. If you find any mistakes or have any suggestions for improvement, please feel free to contact me on Discord, X (@CipherCmpendium) or by email (

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